Acoustic Consultants - Subsonic Designs

Architectural & Environmental Acoustic Consultants

At Subsonic Designs our core principle is to always provide advice that is both practical and consistent with the needs of our clients. 

We take pride in providing timely advice, coordinated cost effective solutions and ensuring design milestones are achieved. 

We are advocates of good communication with the client and all external design team members. 

Our reputation speaks for itself, with the majority of our work coming from repeat clients or from people who were recommended to us. 

It is this professionalism which serves our clients efficiently, as we aim to complete projects in harmony that combine different fields of expertise and practicality. 

The quality of our work enables us to touch the spaces we design with the know-how acquired from facilitating on key projects.

Our Areas of Expertise

Subsonic has extensive experience in the analysis, modelling, design and management of acoustic projects with varying requirements.

  • Room and building acoustics, 
  • Environmental noise
  • Industrial noise. 

How we work

Depending on the project requirements we may be involved in the following ways:

  • Full appointment from conceptual to completion
  • Project management & turnkey solutions
  • Provide advice and high level review of technical drawings and specifications
  • Site survey that would include analysis and assessment
  • Noise impact study
  • Design and Specification
  • Predictive acoustic modelling for architectural, building and environmental acoustics
  • Completion/ compliance testing for architectural, building and environmental acoustics
  • Site inspections to advise client on remedial solutions or to overlook workmanship of acoustic installations.

We normally advise our clients to involve us as early as possible to avoid costly design changes during construction of a project. In case that we are appointed after the completion of a project, we can provide advice on remedial or mitigation solutions through site assessments.

Subsonic Designs applies South African and/ or International acoustic standards and guidelines as best practice.